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I’m gettin my shit together, gettin ready for the semester to begin and I saw this callout flyer for Quiddith. I’m like, wtf is that right…and this is what it is. Purdue actually HAS this! Aha!!!


Gimmie some mass


Surfin BBC and I see this article talking about the “God-particle”. Apparently there are two major companies, one in Illinois and one on the French-Swiss border that basically wants to answer the question “what determines mass?”. I found this interesting because everything has a mass, so if it’s possible to determine where it comes from…it may be possible to manipulate. Hmm…

The article:

More in depth info:

“Scientists know that when an electron passes through a positively charged crystal lattice of atoms (a solid), the electron’s mass can increase as much as 40 times. The same might be true in the Higgs field: a particle moving through it creates a little bit of distortion — like the crowd around the star at the party — and that lends mass to the particle.”

Feel like a lady, and you my lady boy!

I can most certainly relate to the lyrics, but I posted this cuz looooook at Amy!  Okay girl, guess this was before the drugs. Crazy!

22 Two’s

I’ll be 22 in a few weeks, and I’ve been thinking…where will I be when I’m 30..? Not toooo far away now.

Won’t be like this tho. Cool video/song tho!

Black Beauty

So, I was randomly watching the show Toddlers and Tiaras on TLC the other day and I saw these beautiful little girls gettin weaved up,made up,and “glitzed” up. I instantly got pissed. All i could think was, what kinda of self-image problems are these lil girls gonna have? They’re being taught you have to be “glitzed” to be beautiful. Then I saw the little black girl with her “g-ma”  putting a sew-in in her little head. I instantly got sad. She didn’t think/say she was pretty until her head was full of cascading fake hair and her lipgloss was poppin. C’mon man. Oddly( not surprisingly) enough, not one pageant mama told their daughter she was beautiful BEFORE the glitz. I understand some of the older girls want to do this. fine. Make it fun and optional.But most of the girls looked miserable. I got beef.

The idea of black beauty has been distorted for quite sometime now (slavery started it!)  and now that we are in the year or 2010, what’s changed? Black girls puttin in weave,perms etc. White girls tanning til they 2 shades away from Djimon Hounsou etc. I’m not throwing stones, just observing. When will we be comfortable with what God has given us and accept others for that same reason? Everyone has natural beauty, inside, but it’s up to the individual to showcase that outwardly!!

Drugs,Drugs,and mo Drugs

I’ve seen a few shows on drugs, some on CNN (the marijuana episode) and MSNBC but I feel like the National Geographic episodes go into the most depth and help explain where all this came from and where it’s headed…makes ya think.

SN: The U.S is very clever…clever dogs! (meant in the most cynical way possible)


Got ideas??

I’ve been lookin everywhere for organizations I can feeeeel and see myself being involved with in the near-future. I’ve found Ashoka and I’m hooked so far! I see it as a movement. Check it out  and decide for yourself.