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Nigerian Witchcraft continues…save the children!

SCARES me that they are Christian and KILLS me that they do this in the name of a God that they’ve only been told to believe….killing off OUR youth…i have a feeling it’s not US. Get my drift???


Black Beauty

So, I was randomly watching the show Toddlers and Tiaras on TLC the other day and I saw these beautiful little girls gettin weaved up,made up,and “glitzed” up. I instantly got pissed. All i could think was, what kinda of self-image problems are these lil girls gonna have? They’re being taught you have to be “glitzed” to be beautiful. Then I saw the little black girl with her “g-ma”  putting a sew-in in her little head. I instantly got sad. She didn’t think/say she was pretty until her head was full of cascading fake hair and her lipgloss was poppin. C’mon man. Oddly( not surprisingly) enough, not one pageant mama told their daughter she was beautiful BEFORE the glitz. I understand some of the older girls want to do this. fine. Make it fun and optional.But most of the girls looked miserable. I got beef.

The idea of black beauty has been distorted for quite sometime now (slavery started it!)  and now that we are in the year or 2010, what’s changed? Black girls puttin in weave,perms etc. White girls tanning til they 2 shades away from Djimon Hounsou etc. I’m not throwing stones, just observing. When will we be comfortable with what God has given us and accept others for that same reason? Everyone has natural beauty, inside, but it’s up to the individual to showcase that outwardly!!

African Child “Witches”

These poor kids are being accused of practicing witchcraft, thus being punished and tortured or even killed, for various unjustifiable reasons.


First ran across this article via BBC.

 With more research, I found other articles dated way back in October 09.

 I don’t even know where to begin guys. Please comment/re-post. SAD SHIT! I got maaad beef!