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Nigerian Witchcraft continues…save the children!

SCARES me that they are Christian and KILLS me that they do this in the name of a God that they’ve only been told to believe….killing off OUR youth…i have a feeling it’s not US. Get my drift???


Drugs,Drugs,and mo Drugs

I’ve seen a few shows on drugs, some on CNN (the marijuana episode) and MSNBC but I feel like the National Geographic episodes go into the most depth and help explain where all this came from and where it’s headed…makes ya think.

SN: The U.S is very clever…clever dogs! (meant in the most cynical way possible)

African Child “Witches”

These poor kids are being accused of practicing witchcraft, thus being punished and tortured or even killed, for various unjustifiable reasons.


First ran across this article via BBC.

 With more research, I found other articles dated way back in October 09.

 I don’t even know where to begin guys. Please comment/re-post. SAD SHIT! I got maaad beef!