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Start ya own world



When it’s right, you’ll know it

So I have been digging deep. Deep to find my core, what makes me tick. What really makes me smile, excited,all that shit. Never been so sure in my life. Now. I plan.

Gotta feelin I need to get away.

I got this feeling that movement is not only necessary but inevitable. Can ya feel it? Where to go? What to do? I dont know. I do know I gotta do this now.

Lunar Eclipse live Ustream


Nigerian Witchcraft continues…save the children!

SCARES me that they are Christian and KILLS me that they do this in the name of a God that they’ve only been told to believe….killing off OUR youth…i have a feeling it’s not US. Get my drift???

Gimmie some mass


Surfin BBC and I see this article talking about the “God-particle”. Apparently there are two major companies, one in Illinois and one on the French-Swiss border that basically wants to answer the question “what determines mass?”. I found this interesting because everything has a mass, so if it’s possible to determine where it comes from…it may be possible to manipulate. Hmm…

The article:

More in depth info:

“Scientists know that when an electron passes through a positively charged crystal lattice of atoms (a solid), the electron’s mass can increase as much as 40 times. The same might be true in the Higgs field: a particle moving through it creates a little bit of distortion — like the crowd around the star at the party — and that lends mass to the particle.”